What is this?

This is Multitasq, a reimagining of the to-do list. The goal of Multitasq is to create an interface to a task based workflow that goes beyond a glorified paper list and creates something easy to understand at a glance yet that can still scale down to the deepest detail.

How do I use it?

Multitasq is made to be intuitive and usable on touch screen devices as well as the desktop. Here are a few helpful things you can do:

Create a new task Click any empty area on the screen. A task will be created under the nearest parent task.
Edit an existing task Click the task and start typing. Enter or a click confirms the edit, and escape cancels it.
Mark a task as finished Click the X in the corner of a task to mark it finished and grey it out. Clicking the X a second time will delete it.
Minimize a parent task Click the minus sign (-) to minimize all child tasks of a parent. Clicking the plus (+) after minimizing will expand the task once more.
Focus on one subtree You can bring a subtree to the front and center of Multitasq and hide all other tasks by clicking the up arrow (↑). Clicking the down arrow (↓) will drop the task back into place again.

What happens to my created tasks?

Your tasks will be saved to localstorage and accessible again right where you left off whenever you open your browser. I hope to provide online storage of tasks possibly via Google Tasks integration soon...

Where can I get more info?

If you want to view the source code or get involved, check out the github page at github.com/justinmc/multitasq. The latest stable version is hosted on multitasq.com. You can also check out my personal blog at justinmccandless.com for any updates.